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Staff at Knowsley finds cost saving solution to separate baboons from exiting traffic, while improving interaction between staff and animals.


The staff at Knowsley Safari Park know the difficulties involved in handling and containing dangerous park animals - Difficulties that are common to most zoos and safari parks. They also know that traditional equipment is not always capable of solving the challenges that arise e.g. when attempting to let vehicles pass gates, but not the animals.

Knowsley Animal Manager, Stuart Robertson, was given free hands to experiment with the products, RubberFence and RubberGuard, and after six months using different types of test installations reached the following conclusion:


“The wire has been an incredible product to use: It’s versatile, easy to apply and can also help in a quick fix situation where hot wires have been required. It’s extremely durable and has even been applied instead of other traditional materials, like binding wire and other commonly used wires for running electric current through. The uses have proven successful through varied designs and with multiple species, from enforcing cattle grids to our new baboon curtain, which allows vehicles to pass through and form a barrier for our baboons to not pass over our current safety mats.


The rubber wire uses can stretch as far as the creative mind can use them and being affordable means it’s allowed us to put our designs into reality, while being easy and discreet on the eye with its dark color.”

Another product from RubberGuard



- better horsewelfare

“I'm very happy to have the Kick-Stop Plate installed, as my horse was injuring himself all the time by kicking in his stable, and I tried everything else to make him stop, but without success. The Kick-Stop Plate made him stop kicking and now I have a quiet stable”.

Kristina Cook, Great Britain,

European champion 2009, military

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